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Bridge offline and online marketing when you automate your Enthusem direct mail campaigns right from the SharpSpring marketing automation platform.

automate direct mail from sharpspring

SharpSpring tracks every interaction with your leads, including site visits, emails and form completions. Using this information, you can trigger an automatic workflow to create and send an Enthusem mailer, personalized-at-scale, to contacts based on their actions, lead score, and other attributes.

take action on hot leads

When leads use their Enthusem code to view content online, the interaction is recorded in SharpSpring and can kickoff the next step to move leads down the sales funnel – a follow-up call from sales or an email nurture series, for example.

already an enthusem customer?

If you’re an Enthusem user and would like help setting up the SharpSpring integration, contact us at and we’ll be happy to help!

about sharpspring

SharpSpring (NASDAQ: SHSP) is a global provider of cloud-based marketing automation solutions. More than 1,100 agencies and 5,000 businesses use SharpSpring to drive more leads, convert leads to sales, and optimize marketing spend. Its flexible platform and affordable pricing distinguish it from competitors and have made it one of the fastest growing marketing automation providers.

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